Welcome to the Tammy Whitten, MS, LMFT, CFLE, PLLC Secure Client Area

SPECIAL NOTICE: Appointments are booking out WEEKS in advance. If you log in the system and nothing is showing up on the day you've selected, then I do not have any appointments. The cancellation/no show policy is always enforced, but I have no wiggle room to give an additional time to meet if you forget about your appointment or need a last minute cancellation. I encourage you to sign up on the waitlist if you would like to be notified of any cancellations. If you are unable to make your appointment, please know that it may be several weeks before there is an available time to meet.

(Look at the bottom to see upcoming dates I am out of the office and special times I am opening up outside of normal hours to accomodate some of those days I am out of the office. Updated 11.18.2019 at 7:03am)



This is the "client portal" and it is where you can complete the necessary paperwork, schedule sessions, pay, and print off any information you need for insurance or for support between sessions.

The client portal is my administrative assistant, and I conduct ALL communication through the portal. Because of time demands, being in sessions, and so many robo calls, I ONLY answer the phone if we have a scheduled time to talk.

I check inside the client portal a few times each day Monday-Thursday, unless it is a holiday or I am out of town. Sometimes I am in here on the weekends. My client work week is Monday-Thursday. Though I do work on the weekends- it's on notes and administrative things.

I like to use text messages in case you have an appointment scheduled for THAT day and something comes up preventing you from making the session. Otherwise, I refrain from text messages as much as possible. After 10 years in private practice, I had to stop text support between sessions because I never had a chance to work in the yard or fold my laundry. Please use the messages feature inside the client portal ton contact me in-between sessions with questions about scheduling, billing, etc.

CRISIS SITUATIONS: If you need immediate support between sessions, please look above and click on the "Crisis" tab for more information and resources.

CANCELLATION AND SCHEDULING REMINDER: Sessions must be scheduled, cancelled, or adjusted here inside the system at least 24 hours in advance. At the exact second the clock reaches 24 hours, the cancellation button disappears. If you would like to verify that an appointment has been cancelled, when you are on the home screen to your account, that session should not be listed. If you log in to cancel an appointment AFTER you have received a session reminder, or should you not find the button to cancel a session, this means that the cancellation period has ended and the cancellation fee applies. The option to cancel disappears inside the system once the cancellation period ends.

In order to best serve everyone and to allow myself enough time to do any preparation prior to sessions, I am not able to schedule same-day appointments.

NEW WAITING LIST FEATURE: If you find the calendar is full, you can add yourself to a waiting list. If a slot comes up, you will get an email with the times that are open at that time. Often, things change over the weekend and evening spots do become available. Everyone loves the evening times!

When I am out of the office, I don't check messages. I will respond when I am back in the office and between sessions.
-Thursday, November 28 and Friday, November 29 closed for Thanksgiving holiday

-Friday, November 22 phone/video appointments available 9am-12 noon and in-office sessions available 4pm-8pm (since I was gone earlier in the month)

Log in to the secure portal. If you have not received an email with a username, please Register.