COVID-19 Info: All sessions continue to be conducted via phone or video.

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 Hello and welcome!
This is the "client portal" and it is where you can complete the necessary paperwork, schedule sessions, pay, and print off any information you need for insurance or for support between sessions.

The client portal is my administrative assistant, and I conduct ALL communication through the portal. Because of time demands, being in sessions, and so many robo calls, I ONLY answer the phone if we have a scheduled a phone session to talk.

I check inside the client portal a few times each day Monday-Thursday, unless it is a holiday or I am out of town. Sometimes I am in here on the weekends. My client work week is Monday-Thursday. Though I do work on notes and administrative things the other days of the week, I don't reply back to calls and messages so I can focus and spend time with my family.

CRISIS SITUATIONS: If you need immediate support between sessions, please look above and click on the "Crisis" tab for more information and resources.

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