We have a new office number! You'll notice it on your messages when we schedule a session or you get a reminder. The new number is: 252-320-9359. 

The preferred place to reach me is still inside the portal, but should you get locked out or need to cancel at the last minute, etc., please use that number. 

Corona Virus: Until further notice, all sessions will take place virtually. Our therapy rooms are small, and part of therapy involves sharing emotions like crying, venting, and sometimes getting loud. Because of the length of time a therapy session lasts, it in unsafe to meet in person. It's way too hard for me to read facial expressions behind masks- and you need to be able to see my face, too. So we'll continue to do phone and video sessions for the foreseeable future.

Online sessions happen inside the portal, and will work on a phone or computer. I have found that 30-45 minute session lengths work the best online or over the phone for most clients.

I look forward to connecting with you in person soon!

Click here to get a sneak peek at how online sessions work.

Pending Dates I'm Out of the Office: