Rates are based on the length of time of service for therapy services. Fees are charged for services provided outside of our scheduled sessions.

Therapy Rates

Rates are based on the length of time we connect. The price is the same whether we meet in the office, on the phone, or online. The price is also the same if it is for individual, couple, family, or other guests who are a part of our sessions.

I offer three main session lengths. Each session length is best for specific situations. I explain more about which sessions are best suited for different lengths in this post on my main therapy website.

If we go over our allotted time, you will be charged for that at a pro-rated basis. But...it's much easier if we stick to our time so the person after you isn't mad at both of us (and my family isn't upset when I get home later than planned at night, LOL).

Session Costs:

  • 30 minutes     $80          (limited availability)
  • 45 minutes     $100
  • 60 minutes     $120    


I am NOT on any insurance panels. You can file on your insurance if you send them the invoice for our session. Those are found here in the client portal under "Billing." 

Please make sure you tell me that you are planning to do this, because I have to add one more code to your invoice for them to be able to reimburse you. That code varies from person to person, since it is a diagnosis code. 

**If you are planning to file on your insurance, you will pay me at the time of our session, and then I will mark it paid in the system. Your insurance company will send you a check for the reimbursement according to your particular insurance plan. 

You maintain the rate structure that was in place when you began working with me (i.e. the date of our first session), as long as you maintain an "active" status. 

An active status means that we have meet for an appointment (in-person, via phone, or online) within the past 6 months. If it has been more than 6 months since our last appointment, then the current service rates posted will be applied to your services.

If it has been more than 2 years since our last appointment, then your file has been moved in the system from "inactive" to "closed." You'll need to send an email to support@tammywhitten.com to have it moved back to an active status in order to schedule an appointment. 

If there is an outstanding balance on your account, even if it has been more than 2 years, your account will remain in "inactive" status until the balance is paid.