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1. Each person who will be a client needs to complete their own profile for couple and/or family therapy. Please allow all adults to complete their own forms, as they give legal consent for services.

2. Everyone has to put a debit/credit card on file prior to scheduling.

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Terms and Policy

How to Do Email Sessions
You may not want to ever do an email session, and that's perfectly OK. Many people like these to save time, costs in travelling to the office, and especially so they can reflect back on the answers and reread them over and over.

But should you find yourself desiring an email session here is how to do it:

Go in and request a "15 minute email session" (under "Online Chat" or "Online Camera" session type) for Friday mornings between 10am and 12 noon.

Scheduling a session (with a time slot) is the only way the system will create an invoice and allow anyone to pay. That will allow you to be able to pay right away. Apparently not that many therapists do email sessions, so the systems aren't set up for that.

Pay the invoice and then type up your email in the "Mail" section (not the journal section). In your email, please limit it to 1-3 questions that you would like for me to answer. Once the payment is received, I will read and reply to the email.

I do my best to reply to email sessions as soon as possible during the week, but by Friday mornings at the latest, depending on my sessions and meetings that week.

The system won't let anyone schedule or cancel a session less than 24 hours in advance, so an email session would need to be scheduled no later than 11:45 am on Thursday to be answered before the weekend. Otherwise, it would have to wait until the following Friday.
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Scheduling and Cancelling Sessions

The client portal is my office assistant. If we are unable to schedule our next appointment at the end of the next session (maybe we run out of time, run over, or you need to double-check your schedule), just log in here to see what's open.

In order to allow me time to do any necessary prep work for your session, to plan other tasks during my day, and to be able to handle any emergency situations that come up with other clients, I ask that all sessions be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid paying the session fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Once second after the clock turns to 24 hours before your session time, the system will NOT allow you to cancel your appointment. The button to cancel will disappear and you will not be able to make any changes, and the cancellation fee will apply to your appointment.

I also ask that any changes, such as cancellations or time changes or the length of the session, also be made 24 hours in advance. This not only allows someone else who may be in need of a session an opportunity to schedule, but it is actually a therapeutic goal that helps with changes, follow-thru, and executive functioning skills. 

For instance, for my clients working on anxiety, thinking in advance and planning, predicting what may be a trigger, can be helped by this type of "executive functioning" skill. For couples, it can allow them to learn to lean on each other and to integrate in the skills we have talked about. My goal is for you to learn to trust yourself using the things we work on together.

Please remember that there is still an invoice due if you do not show up for an appointment, cancel less than 24 hours in advance, or arrive late.

If you are running late, are sick, travelling, do not want to travel to the office in certain weather conditions, we can always do a phone session at your scheduled time. If you can text me as soon as you know that you will be needing to do a phone session instead of coming in, that will help me!

To avoid any mishaps, if you do log in and cancel an appointment, I recommend that once you cancel the appointment, you click back to the main page on your account to make sure that appointment is no longer showing up. It will disappear if it was cancelled. If it is still showing up there, then please go through the steps again to make sure that you hit the "confirm" button in the cancellation process.

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Payment is due at tentative the time of the session. You may pay online prior to the session, or at the end of our session. I am able to accept cash, checks, debit credit cards, and health spending account cards (HSA).

*HSA cards can only be used in the office. The online system uses PayPal, and PayPal is not an approved HSA processor.

If you come across hard times in your employment or circumstances, please let me know so we can work out a plan. I am willing to work out a plan, as I am committed to being as helpful as possible. Any special arange mentioned we work out must be adhered to continuously for it to remain in effect

If not special arrangements have been made, and invoices are unpaid, they will be assessed a 3% late fee. Efforts will be made to collect the payment. If there is no response/payment, then your outstanding balance with either be taken to court for payment, resulting in court fees imposed on top of the fees owed, or your account will be turned over to collections. This is my least favorite part of the job, but in the event that an outside agency such as the courts or a collection agency has to be involved, your health information is private. Due to the name of my business, the nature of our relationship will be known, buy no other details of our work will be shared.
( Type Full Name )
Court Mandated Therapy
If you are court ordered to complete therapy, please disclose this at our first session together or in our first session after the courts have imposed this requirement.

Please provide a copy of any specific documents that outline what we need to cover .

If there are any Restraining Orders or Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPOs) in place, please alert me to those as well.

Should a letter be requested to go the courts, there is a brief letter document fee that applies. Check with your attorney and the courts to see if the invoices from inside this system (complete with date, time, payment, and my signature) will suffice for proof if you would like to avoid the additional fee for my time.
( Type Full Name )
Limits of Confidentiality
The work we do together is sacred and is held in the utmost of respect and confidence.

These are the times when what we discuss may be shared with others:

1. If you bring a guest to one of our sessions, they will see, hear, and take part in our discussion. You may let me know if there are portons of our work you do not want shared in front of the guest.

2. If you ask me to share information with someone outside of our sessions. I will ask you to sign and return the "Release and Receipt of Information" form found here in the client portal. This will tell me who you want me to share information with, and what type to share. Examples of this are communicating with your doctor's office, a school, social services, etc.

3. If you need me to write a brief letter document to share with your school, employer, or other group/person. (You are asked to complete the "Release and Receipt of Information" form for this, too. In addition, there is a brief letter document fee of $50 that applies.should a longer document be requested, we will discuss any additional costs.)

4. If you use the invoices inside the client portal as "Superbills" to send to your insurance company for reimbursement according to your plan, they will know that we work together and they will require that I give you a mental health diagnosis on your invoice.

5. If I suspect the abuse of children under of the age of 18, of those who have disabilities, or the elderly, then I am required by law to contact the Department of Social Services.

6. If you are seriously contemplating harming yourself or someone else.
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Legal and Court Proceedings

Due to the time involved in court proceedings, along with the necessary tasks I must complete with my malpractice insurance and license, any involvement in legal and court proceedings will be billed to the client for my time involved. 

Court standby (such as being available by phone or other forms of standby): $500 for each day

Court presence and appearance fee: $1500 for each day

Costs for time and services related to legal proceedings (includes any time for conversations with counsel or law offices, any consultations done with my own attorney should they be needed, research for the case, preparing documentation related to the issue, reviewing documentation, preparation time, or any other related time for the legal issue at hand): $125/hour 

Other costs incurred: These costs willl be passed along to you at the same rate I pay for things such as parking fees, road tolls, costs for obtaining research documents, etc.

Travel expenses: The current Federal mileage reimbursement rate will be charged for any miles incurred for any travel related to the case. For example, travel to the court house, travel to meet with legal counsel, travel to pick up materials, travel for any necessary trainings or meetings. Travel feels also entail if overnight accomodations are needed, such as hotel and food.

Copy fees: $0.10/page

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